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what we do

we help our members privately protect their businesses and assets and increase their security.

what are the benefits of a pma or lawful
common law) trust

• protection and privacy for your businessmembers or assets

• more privacy and less regulation

what do you get with a private membership assembly / association or lawful​ (common law) trust?

• one-on-one consults
• custom contract for your business or assets
• education on how to properly apply and use the contract 
• support regarding legal paperwork and inquiries

what is the cost?

$5900 for the first pma or lawful (common law) trust

$1500 for each additional pma or lawful (common law) trust

one-time, non-refundable fee for each. you may do any combination of pmas or lawful (common law) trusts and receive the discount.

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private membership assemblies / associations (pma)

are you considering creating a statutory association, corporation, llc, foundation, trust or any other "legal entity" but need, or just want more flexibility, privacy, security with less regulation concerning your private life and activities?

do you want to protect your assets and property? 

do you want to restore true privacy to your affairs?

do you want to increase your personal security?

do you want to preserve your estate?

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lawful (common law) trusts

do you want to create anonymity or restore privacy, security and simplicity for yourself and all your affairs; to protect your assets, land and real estate; to avoid your estate being subject to probate?

do you conduct your affairs using the gold in silver coins struck in a United States mint?

do you use alternative currencies such as Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

or, are you starting or expanding a business and thinking about incorporating or operating as a limited liability company (LLC), partnership or other legal entity?

or, do you just want more flexibility or simplicity than any legal entity offers and prefer to conduct your private affairs as a matter of exercising your fundamental, unalienable, constitutionally secured rights rather than by constantly amended benefits, privileges and immunities granted (and totally controlled) by a state or the federal government?

are you aware of the lawful alternatives to statutorily created legal entities?

the number one alternative to any legal entity is the lawful (common law) trust.

simply stated, a lawful (common law) trust is a contractual organization of people that takes control of assets, income, land, money and property (asset). when a trust acquires any asset it is held by the trustee(s) “in trust” for the benefit of the beneficiaries and becomes the property (corpus) of the trust.

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