Protect your business, freedom of association, speech, the press, and the right to privacy.

Create anonymity, restore privacy, security and simplicity; protect your assets, property, land; and avoid your estate being subject to probate.



We are a Private Membership Association (PMA), that assists and educates its members in how to envelop their assets, activity, land, lives, businesses and property in privacy; protect their assets and property; increase their security; and plan their estates by using the Private Membership Association or Common Law Trust, or both, unique little-known or used private agreements and contracts that allow members to lawfully do things in a private domain that they may not do in the public domain.

Are you considering creating a statutory association, corporation, LLC, foundation, trust or any other "legal entity" but need, or just want more flexibility, privacy, security with less regulation concerning your private life and activities? Then a PMA or Trust can be an excellent solution for your activity and property.